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Become Who We Are—Official Schedule

Become Who We Are

Washington, DC  |  October 31, 2015
The National Press Club

Part I
The NPC Ballroom

10 AM - 5:30 PM

Coffee & Tea Service

9-10 AM


10 AM

 The Origins of the White Man
Kevin MacDonald

10:15 AM

Political Theology
Richard Spencer

11 AM

The Empire vs. Identity
Keith Preston

11:45 AM


12:30 — 2 PM

The Tragedy of Southern Identity
Sam Dickson

Luncheon Speaker

1 PM

Press Conference & Panel Discussion
Coffee & Tea Service

2 PM

Dream On
Roman Bernard

2:30 PM

Why We Will Win
Guillaume Faye

Keynote Speaker

3:15 PM

Live Podcast

Jack Donovan  |  Mike Enoch  |  Lana Lokteff  |  Henrik Palmgren  |  Richard Spencer

4 PM

Part II
The Holeman Lounge

7-10 PM


7-7:30 PM


7:30 PM

The Tribal Mind
Jack Donovan

7:45 PM

The Occult War
Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor & Friends

8:30 PM


10 PM

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