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Official Schedule

Identity Politics

Saturday / March 5, 2016 / 6-10 PM

The Rotunda
The Ronald Reagan Building
Washington, DC

6—7 / cocktail hour
Passed hors d’oeuvres & cash bar

7—9 / main course
Beef Sirloin

7:30—9 / addresses

Trump and “Generation Alt Right”

The Trump Phenomenon and The Implicit White Revolt
Kevin MacDonald

Breaking through To The Other Side
Richard Spencer

9—10 / Dessert
Crème brûlée


Name Badges

We’re doing something different this year with name badges—first names only. There will be no last names, no hometowns, and thus no need for pseudonyms.

Name badges are obligatory for an event like this, which takes place over the course of 12 hours, as participants will certainly want to leave and re-enter the auditorium.

We think this is the best solution for balancing convenience, security, and privacy.

Sam Dickson Will Speak on the South

Michael Hill is no longer able to join us at this year's conference.  

The good news is that Sam Dickson will be delivering an address, as he has at the previous two NPI conferences.

As we know, American Southern identity is under attack. Sam Dickson will speak about his Southern heritage and, more important, its tragic and ironical nature.     

The Dress Code

A number of people have asked if there is a dress code for the conference.

The short answer is no.

We only ask that your attire conform to the laws of the District of Columbia.

The long answer is as follows.

This year’s event will have two parts. (A more detailed schedule will appear on this blog in the coming weeks.)

The first portion will begin in the morning, include lunch, and last into the afternoon. I can’t speak for everyone, but I will be wearing a suit and tie.

We will then have a late-afternoon break, during which you could return to your hotel, get a drink or bite to eat, etc.

The second portion will begin in the evening. It will be more casual and more festive: food and a cash bar will be available, and the highlight, no doubt, will be the music of Robert Taylor. In other words, it’ll be time to lose the ties.


As one atttendee reminded me, it will be Halloween. So knock yourself out!

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